Check Point Certified Endpoint Specialist (CCES) R80.20

Check Point Certified Endpoint Specialist (CCES) R80.20

Овој курс е наменет за професионалци кои сакаат да инсталираат и управуваат со Endpoint Security во своето опружување. Со завршување на овој курс ќе стекнете знаење како да исталирате Check Point Endpoint Security во корпоративна мрежа

• Check Point CCSA или CCSE сертификати

• Вовед во Endpoint Security

• Endpoint Security Mменаџмент

• Имплементација на Endpoint Security

• Дополнителни конфигурации за Endpoint Server

• Заштита на податоци

• Напредна заштита од закани

• Известување и  troubleshooting

• Explain how Endpoint Security works to enforce corporate security compliance for end users and their devices.

• Become familiar with the Check Point Endpoint Security Solution architecture and how it integrates with Check Point Network Security Management.

• Identify and describe key elements of the SmartEndpoint Management console.

• Discuss Endpoint Security Software Blade options and how they are managed from the SmartEndpoint Management console.

• Explain how to create and assign security policies for Endpoint clients using Endpoint Security.

• Understand deployment methods and server considerations for Endpoint Security Management installation.

• Identify the different ways to install and configure Endpoint clients.

• Recognize how to configure VPN connectivity to allow clients connecting outside of the network perimeter to securely access corporate resources.

• Understand how Endpoint Security authenticates and verifies clients connecting to the Endpoint Security Management Server.

• Describe additional server configurations that are available to help manage Endpoint clients.

• Recognize the different types of data security protections available to deploy on end user machines.

• Describe how Full Disk Encryption technology protects and recovers data accessed and stored on Endpoint computers.

• Understand how to secure removable media devices.

• Become familiar with the Remote Help tool and how it supports clients experiencing FDE and Media Encryption issues.

• Recognize the types of threats that target Endpoint computers.

• Describe Check Point SandBlast Agent and how to deploy it in the Endpoint Security environment.

• Explain how SandBlast Agent technology prevents malware from infiltrating Endpoint machines and corporate resources.

• Identify SmartEndpoint reporting tools used to monitor and respond quickly to security events.

• Understand how to troubleshoot and debug issues.

• Инсталирање на Endpoint Security Management решенија

• Имплементација на Endpoint пакети за клиенти

• Имплементација на полиси за Endpoint сервери

• Конфигурација на Endpoint Security

• Модофоцирање на инсталација на Endpoint 

• Правила за имплементација

• SandBlast Agent

Дата: термини наскоро

Траење на курсот: 2 days days

Локација: Инграм Микро тренинг центар , ул. Методија Шаторов-Шарло бр. 10



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